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Creating solutions

CS Consulting is a financial advisory firm helping clients in various financial services such as valuations, restructurings, transactions and other corporate financial services. We are a niche provider of socially responsible financial solutions. Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses into long-lasting, responsible corporations with values for a better tomorrow.

Corporate Finance

A different perspective for a bigger potential
Corporate finance customized by the needs of client for the optimization, upgrade or beginning of operations. Different types of financial support for your company such as benchmarking, business plans, expert opinions etc.


Turnaround is a prerequisite
We specialize in both in-court and out-of-court financial restructuring. Our main restructuring areas include forced settlement procedures and out of court financial restructuring, which involves discussions with all stake holders including banks, owners and management.


Value in time
Valuation for all types of purposes such as financial reporting, purchase and sale of business, mergers and acquisitions, squeeze-out of minority shareholders, for tax purposes or to understand value.

Independent business reviews

Supporting you through the entire process
Independent business reviews to provide an independent opinion on the business performance of the company in the future, focusing on future cash flows (both short and long-term), the industry and the market with calculations for different restructuring scenarios.

Due diligence

We see details
Our due diligence activities are focused on the needs of our clients no matter whether they are on the buying or selling side. What we do is search for the potential of the company in a way which improves your business.

Business & management consulting

Change management
We specialize in the identification and implementation of operational and strategic business solutions, the implementation of change management in the company, and consequently an increase in the value of the business.

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Our clients

If you want to grow your business and take it to the next level by creating new solutions, look no further than CS Consulting.


Other about us

In 2015 we successfully restructured our financial debts with the support of CS Consulting. Throughout the process they objectively represented the interests of both creditors and company, continually searching for an optimal solution for all stakeholders. Without any doubt, the team of CSC is professional, trustworthy and responsive.

Miha ŽerkoPresident of SRC Group

We started working with CS Consulting last year. Their team is great, because they focus on the content itself and don’t just put numbers in the foreground. It is not just the numbers that are important; it’s the content which influences the company’s long-term successful operation. Thank you for believing in our story. We are looking forward to working with you on larger projects in future.

Franci PliberšekPresident of MIK Celje Group
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